Weekly Menu

Check out our weekly menu for:
Pickup Sunday October 31st
Bike delivery all over Seoul Sunday October 31st/Monday November 1st
Postal Delivery Tuesday November 2nd


Chef's Pick

Chef Choice - Cacio E Pepe Primavera (Fusilli tossed with a cheesy pepper sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes and topped with Parmasan Cheese (10,000 krw) add 2,000 krw for Reset Plans

Chef's Choice - Mexican Taco Casserole ( Taco Spiced Ground Beef and Lentils, Mexican Brown Rice and Beans with Stirfried Onions and peppers, Refried Beans, drizzled with Nacho Queso Sauce) 10,000 krw Add 2,000 krw for Reset Plans

Add Tortilla Shell to make a Burrito 1,500 krw