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Here at Nosh we believe in three things:  health, well-being, and community.  We love working with other local businesses to bring more variety, health, and joy to you!

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Collaborations and Events: Welcome

Our Collaborations and Events


Vivis Veggie

Vivis Veggie offers a selection of plant-based cream cheese, cheesecakes, pretzels and burritos.  A selection of Vivi's can be ordered through Nosh on our menu each week.  
IG: vivisveggie

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AJ Power Fitness

Throughout the month of April, Nosh will be launching our first health and fitness collaboration with AJ Power Fitness. Personal Trainer and Coach, Andrew is offering one complimentary PT session when you order 75,000won of NOSH food.  

 IG: @ajpowerfitness, or email:

**Based in Seoul ** 

**All eligible customers will automatically be contacted by us**

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Create Wellness

We often collaborate with our friends at Create Wellness to offer reciprocal discounts and offers to our customers.  
IG: createwellnesscenter



We love meeting our customers face to face so we regularly take our menu on tour ;)
We have a number of popups lined up in Seoul in the coming months, and we hope to add more around the country in the future.  Stay tuned for more information!

Collaborations and Events: Catering
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