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Pickup Sunday June 27th
Bike delivery all over Seoul Sunday June 27th/Monday June 28th
Postal Delivery Tuesday June 29th


Chef's Pick


Chef's Choice - Mexican Chilaquiles Casserole with mixed beans, zucchini, corn, tomatoes, nacho cheese sauce, enchilada sauce and whole wheat tortillas with a drizzle of our housemade cashew cheese (10,000 krw) add 2,000 krw for Reset Plans
셰프 초이스 -멕시칸 칠라낄레스 캐서롤 (다양한 콩믹스, 쥬키니 , 옥수수, 토마토, 나초치즈 소스, 엔칠라다 소스와 통밀 토르틸라와 흩뿌린 홈메이드 캐슈치즈 )