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Plant Based Breakfast

You may have heard of the plant-based diet, which has been linked to numerous health benefits. Breakfast made out of entire components and unprocessed foods can make a major difference in your health. Not to mention your daily energy levels.Plant-based diets have been associated to reduced risk of heart disease, certain malignancies, obesity, diabetes, and cognitive decline, according to Healthline. It is beneficial to start your day with a plant-based meal whether you fully follow the diet or not.

The top 3 benefits of a plant-based breakfast

Benefit #1: Reduces illness risk.

A plant-based diet has been demonstrated to lessen the risk of several diseases. Diets that include lots of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

#2: Boost in energy

The energy we obtain from standard processed or sugary foods (such cereal or waffles) is fleeting. Also, our digestive systems use a lot of energy processing meat (like breakfast sausages). Plant-based breakfasts give us all the natural energy we need without causing a sugar crash or requiring us to digest heavier meat products.

#3: Weight loss

A plant-based diet has been found to promote weight loss. A plant-based diet avoids high-calorie processed foods and animals, allowing our digestive system to efficiently burn what we eat as energy, reducing the extra calories deposited as fat.

Here at Nosh, we have a variety of savory and sweet ready to eat healthy breakfasts including smoothie bowls, muffins, egg muffins and hashbrowns!

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Jim Allsop
2023년 6월 27일

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