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Being healthy takes courage but Nosh can help!!

Do you want to live a healthy life feeling good about yourself and with bundles of energy every day? I think at least two of maybe half a dozen “Pillars of Health” include nutrition and movement. I was going to say “diet and exercise” but refrained because they sound too much like hard work!

I am a qualified nutritionist but I am actually not dogmatic about diets as such. I don’t advocate say keto, or extreme carb, fat, or indeed food restriction generally. I think it is just hard to do. It’s also hard to maintain over the long term. And if it’s hard to maintain over the long term, then it’s probably not worth doing in the first place.

I generally advocate simple and easy fixes like cutting out processed foods and sodas and replacing them with healthy alternatives. This is an easy first step and usually does not take too much effort. I guess the question is why more people are not doing it.

I think the answer is that it takes a certain amount of courage and hard work. It’s easy to go for the quick and unhealthy meal, or snack. It’s easy to fall for the corporate marketing. It’s easy to pick up a soda or a bag of candies, or a bar of chocolate. It goes against the norms. It probably goes against what your peers are doing. And we tend to do what our peers do.

Nosh is however here to help you be courageous!! As always, we try to cook healthy foods (or much healthier alternatives). We use natural ingredients. There is nothing processed about our food. And we make it with love to help you be healthy and strong.

Our healthy, meal delivery service ships healthy bowls, wellness drinks, savory bites, nibbles and superfood bars all over Korea to your door. Our healthy items are all shipped ready to eat! Healthy, and Delicious! Real, Easy, Vegan!

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