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Dietary Supplements?

As a holistic nutritionist, I would always recommend eating food which is as close as possible to its natural state e.g. fruit, vegetables, fresh produce etc. The word “supplement” means to add to; it does not mean to substitute or to replace. However, none of us is perfect. We all lead imperfect lives and our diets are often far from perfect.

A couple of supplements you could try……


Taurine has an important function in the brain and heart – pretty important organs! It helps with nerve growth. It can help lower blood pressure and calm the nervous system. I would normally take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.


Probiotics are made up of healthy bacteria which keep your body working well. More generally, they can help reduce inflammation and mitigate allergies. Again, I would normally take a probiotic pill first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so that it is ingested as quickly as possible.

Again, and obviously subject to a doctor’s opinion, I think the best ways to improve health, including to lower blood pressure, are a good dose of good diet and some exercise. Supplements are kind of an optional extra – a sort of insurance policy.

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