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Gluten Free?

Gluten……gluten free……so, what’s all the fuss about? Why does it matter? I am going to try to break it down. Actually, “breaking it down” is probably the wrong expression as you will see but it will do for now!

So, let’s keep this really simple. We’ve all heard about how gluten is supposed to be really bad for you. As with all these diet type things, there is research on the subject both ways. You could be cynical and say that whichever view is taken depends on which giant food company is funding the research. However, on balance, the research seems to suggest that gluten is really bad for you.

So, what is gluten and why is it so bad? Gluten is basically a protein. “But we need protein…..protein is good. It helps build muscle,” I hear you say. Actually, gluten is the one protein that the body cannot break down. So, when gluten gets into your body, your body tries to break it down. This is the body’s immune response to something bad.

In fact, gluten could be the root cause of a lot of our problems….weight gain, poor moods, skin problems, sexual function. It has also been linked to really serious stuff like autoimmune disease (things like Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes etc.), cancer and heart disease.

So, what is gluten in? Unfortunately, it’s in pretty much everything. There are the obvious sources such as wheat based foods like breads and pastas. But it’s hidden in a lot things that you wouldn’t even think about such as soy sauce, instant coffee (!!) and pretty much all restaurant food……

So, with this in mind, I am going to make two predictions:

1. Nosh is going to keep adding more gluten free items to the menu.

2. Nosh is always going to keep looking for ways to improve your health.

Our healthy meal delivery service ships healthy bowls, wellness drinks, savory bites, nibbles and superfood bars all over Korea to your door. Our healthy items are all shipped ready to eat!

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