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Gut Health

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

This week’s blog is a simple one! Nosh makes food. You (hopefully) eat and enjoy Nosh’s food. Right, that’s it. End of blog……only joking!!!

I have a passion for holistic health and in particular, exercise and nutrition. There are a number of pillars to living a happy and healthy life. Diet and exercise are two of those pillars. However, it’s not just about what you eat but also how you eat it because this really can make a difference.

Here are two tips which can improve your general gut health and in turn, your health generally.

1. Not Drinking with your meal

Many people have a glass of water, or wine, or beer with their meal. The effect of the liquid in your gut dilutes the food making it harder to extract the nutrients. You can promote better absorption of the good stuff by not drinking 30 minutes before your meal and for an hour after.

2. Eat Slowly

How quickly do you eat? A lot of us simply eat too quickly for whatever reason. If we eat too quickly, there is often a lag in the time our brain sends the signal that we are full. This can lead to overeating. We can avoid this by eating “mindfully”. A good tip for this is to simply put your knife and fork (or chopsticks) down after each mouthful.

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