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Morning Routine (continued)…..!!

I wonder how many of you made some changes to your morning routine!! I’ve been working on mine for a year or so now, so I’ve done it. I’ve also taken some time to reflect – sometimes during the morning meditation, or when I’ve managed to do the gratitude list!! Or just reflected.

I think it’s something like this. The morning routine isn’t a necessity. I suppose primarily it’s about starting off the day in a positive way. If you start the day off right, then you have more chance of it continuing that way. And even if your day doesn’t go to plan, you’ll be better able to deal with it.

However, more generally, I think it’s about creating and ingraining good habits. And it’s about those habits becoming automatic i.e. you just do it; you don’t think about it too much. It’s like starting the New Year with great resolutions like more exercise and a healthy diet. Most people give up because it takes a conscious effort. The habit has not been formed. It has not become natural and automatic. Obviously, we want to create healthy habits which are going to last us a lifetime.

So here are a couple of extra options to add to your morning routine. You wake up from 6, 8, 10 hours in bed. You’re dehydrated. So, drink! I suggested lemon water last week. Another option is 500-750ml of water. As an optional extra, you could add a little Himalayan sea salt. And to break your fast, you could try our Mini Egg Frittatas which are packed full of nutritious loveliness!!!

Our healthy meal delivery service ships healthy bowls, wellness drinks, savory bites, nibbles and superfood bars all over Korea to your door. Our healthy items are all shipped ready to eat!

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