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Morning Routine – Starting the Day Off Right…..

Do you have a morning routine? What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Is it to lean over and check your phone for messages – to start the new day probably where you left the old one off – by immediately re-connecting with the stress and negativity (and perhaps pointlessness) of social media. There are good and bad ways to start your day.

One thing I have been contemplating – as this has happened in my own life – is how to make good changes permanent. We have all gone to the gym at the start of January and given up by the second week of the year. Or have done a 2 week detox only to end it with a massive binge!! How do we make these changes – changes that we so desire - permanent features of our lives? This is something I will write more about. However, one way is by having a good morning routine.

The morning routine does not need to be long or complicated. However, the objective is to set yourself up in a positive way for the day to come – having a plan. The morning routine can take 5 minutes or half an hour. Here are some positive things you can do to start the day off right.

· Have a cup of lemon water (full glass of warm water with half a lemon. Drink through a straw to protect your teeth)

· Meditation

· Breathing exercises. We can live without food for perhaps two weeks, without water for a few days. However, we can only last a few minutes without oxygen. Breathing is essential.

· Cold shower. Brrrr but invigorating!!!

· Make a gratitude list.

· Break your fast with a Nosh smoothie bowl.

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