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Nosh Wellness Drinks: Great Caffeine Free Alternatives

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Nosh: Healthy Food Delivery in Korea

You know, at Nosh we’re all about promoting a healthier way of living. Of course, it’s not just about eating healthy and nutritious food; it’s also about looking at, and trying to improve, every aspect of your life. As well as good food, exercise and sleep are also fundamental pillars to living a better life.

In fact, how many of us struggle with our sleep? Good sleep is just so important to everything – better brain function, fighting disease, minimizing weight gain and lowering inflammation to name just a few. It’s a no brainer to get good sleep feel refreshed and ready to take on the world the next day!

I came across this really interesting fact the other day. Caffeine has a half life of about 5 hours though it can be longer for some people. What does this mean? This means that if you have your double espresso at noon, it will half its potency at 5pm and a quarter of its potency at 10pm.

You can do that math. Or perhaps not! Either way, if you are drinking several cups of coffee throughout the day, you will still have a lot of caffeine flowing round your body and which is keeping you awake at nights. So why not cut some of the caffeine from your diet and get some better sleep.

We have some great alternatives at Nosh healthy food delivery service. Instead of a shot of caffeine first thing, how about a dose of refreshing lemon with our Pink Beet Lemonade. Or you could start off the day in a really healthy way with our Green Goddess Alkaline Multivitamin Smoothie. Or instead of fending off that early afternoon after lunch sleepiness you could try our Creamy Anti-Inflammatory Pina Colada.

Our healthy meal delivery service ships our meal boxes all over Korea to your door.

Nosh: Real. Easy. Vegan.

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