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Sugar Rush!!

In my “nutrition mission” over the years, I have come across many different diets. Some involve avoiding fats; others are low carb and high protein. I have however become convinced that a simple, healthy and balanced diet without excessive restriction of any macronutrient (carbohydrate, fat, or protein) is the best.

I want to talk a little about high glycemic index (GI) foods and why we should try to minimize their intake. The GI refers to how quickly a food impacts your blood sugar. When the body digests food, it converts it into simple sugars. The higher the GI, the simpler the sugar and the quicker it gets into your blood stream.

Examples of high GI foods: candies, chocolate, bread, rice, processed foods

Examples of low GI foods: vegetables, many fruits, beans, whole grains

These are basically all carbs. If you eat a lot of high GI food, you get a “sugar spike” and the body reacts by producing insulin. This can give you a sugar rush initially and then you will feel tired and lethargic – the sugar hangover. You can avoid this by eating less high GI foods and eating more lower GI foods where the sugars are broken down more slowly.

Also, eating too much high GI food is just bad for you! It can cause type 2 diabetes, weight gain and it has also been linked to all sorts of other nasty things which you really do not want. At Nosh, we really try to create a balanced menu with lots of different types of food – fruits, vegetables, beans. It’s ok to eat some high GI foods but not all the time!!

Our healthy meal delivery service ships healthy bowls, wellness drinks, savory bites, nibbles and superfood bars all over Korea to your door. Our healthy items are all shipped ready to eat!

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