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Tart Cherry Juice: My New Wine!

At Nosh, we’re always looking for new recipes and ingredients to improve your health.

A few weeks ago, I came across some interesting research about the benefits of tart cherry juice and have been experimenting with it.

I have been drinking it in the morning and at night. I’ve even replaced the evening glasses of wine for a glass of tart cherry juice. And guess what? It has the same sedative effect but without the hangover or regrets!! I’ve been sleeping really well.

Some of the alleged benefits of tart cherry juice include:

· Highly nutritious

· Improves sleep quality

· Reduces inflammation

· Improves stamina / reduces muscle soreness

· Improves immunity

You can now get to potentially experience some of these great benefits at Nosh. If you spend KRW80,000 or more, we will give you an Immune Boosting Tart Cherry Wellness Shot for free!!!! We are also selling cherry cucumber lemon shots for KRW3,500 each or 3 for 10,000 krw.

Our healthy meal delivery service ships healthy bowls, wellness drinks, savory bites, nibbles and superfood bars all over Korea to your door.

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